Music Production | Money Makes Money Remix

I got the honor to make and collaborate on the official Amsterdam house remix for the Money Makes Money project! Together with Job Poels and Fotis Kolokas, under the name of “Donk Face”  The goal of this project is to support the Bulambuli community (eastern Uganda) to raise funds for business closures due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

“It’s common knowledge all around the world that money makes money. The rich are getting richer by investing in each other’s ventures, while they ignore smaller, poor entrepreneurs. That’s why people from Bulambuli, a small rural community in Eastern Uganda, who needed urgent investments, decided to hijack this well known truth by pretending to be filthy rich. DUDE created and produced an original song and music video collaborating with amazing local talent. Thanks to a successful global awareness campaign, it raised enough money to create an entrepreneur school for more than 200 families.”

Listen to the original song and the other remixes down below!